Harlow Wreath | Rustic Foliage Wreath


This beautiful handmade purple wreath will brighten and bring colour to your home. 


Packed with green tones, purple thistle and assortment of faux pampas grass scattered throughout, it looks effortless.

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Welcome your guests into the Christmas season with our Harlow Rustic Foliage Wreath. Handmade using mixed green foliage and faux adornments, this stunning wreath features purple eucalyptus leaves, berries and some light frosting.

Instantly transform your Christmas decor with our luxurious festive faux wreaths – perfect for hanging above fireplaces, kitchens and internal doors during the festive season.

Make Christmas unique this year with a faux flower display and bring style and elegance into your home. The best part? You can keep it for years to come!


Although our wreaths are robust, they prefer to be protected from exposure of the elements as they will last much longer when cared for correctly. We recommend displaying them in a porch or somewhere where there will be a little protection from the wind and rain.

Here are our top five reasons why you need Innocent Chaos artificial flowers in your home:-

1. The last a lifetime and need very little care.
2. They are most cost effective than fresh flowers and look just as lovely! Invest in something beautiful that will last year after year.
3. You can enjoy your favourite flowers at anytime of the year. No need to only have your favourite flowers when they are in season!
4. Artificial flowers will brighten up any room and tie a theme together.
5. Allergen free, no need for sniffles and sneezes!

Colour: Various Greens, golds and Purples
Style: Classic design
Packaging: Custom Innocent Chaos card box
Size: Approx. 50cm wide



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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 10 cm