Innocent Chaos

Faux ginkgo spray stem, tan artificial ginkgo single stem

Introducing our lifelike ginkgo stem, the perfect addition to any sophisticated and elegant space. Measuring an impressive 74cm tall, this exquisite stem will add a touch of natural beauty and height to your floral arrangements or as a standalone piece.

THIS LISTING IS FOR ONE SINGLE STEM. Photos are to show how they can be displayed in a bunch.

Whether you're using it as part of a larger floral arrangement or displaying it on its own, this lifelike ginkgo stem is the perfect addition to your home decor, wedding or special event. And unlike real ginkgo plants, this artificial stem requires no maintenance, so you can enjoy its beauty without any fuss.

This stem may be bent for transit, this helps to keep our shipping costs down for you. This will not damage your product, Just carefully straighten the stem after purchase.

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